Social Program

Welcome Reception, Monday Evening, 6:00–8:00

Please join us on Monday evening, April 23, from 6:00–8:00 pm for drinks and hors d'oeuvres in the John W. Nichols Room of the Oklahoma City Petroleum Club. This room, with breathtaking views from the 34th floor of the Chase Tower, is located next door to the conference hotel.

Conference Banquet, Wednesday Evening, 6:00–10:00

Please join us on Wednesday evening, April 25, from 6:00–10:00 pm for the conference banquet to be held at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum. The evening will include a cocktail and social hour, time for viewing exhibits in the museum, and the conference dinner and award presentations. Buses will be provided to and from the banquet venue (approximately a 10–15 minute drive). Buses will load for departure to the Museum between 5:25 and 5:45 PM, and will begin returning to the conference venue around 9:00 PM. For those who would like additional time in the museum after the banquet concludes, the final buses will depart the museum by 10:00 PM.


OU Norman Campus:

The conference is arranging for tours of the National Weather Center (NWC), Radar Innovations Laboratory (RIL), and other destinations at the University of Oklahoma Norman campus, including OU's Galileo Exhibit (multiple Galileo 1st edition books) and Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art. Attendees and spouses are free to include these items in their plans at any time, but the conference is also arranging buses to the Norman campus on Tuesday afternoon, and Wednesday morning. Departure from the conference venue is planned for approximately 1:00 PM for the Tuesday afternoon tour and 8:00 AM for the Wednesday morning tour. The plan is to have tours of the NWC and RIL, followed by optional extra time for the Galileo or Art exhibits, and/or shopping and dining at the adjacent Campus Corner. There will be two bus trips back to the venue accomodating those who want extra time in Norman as well as those who want to return immediately after the NWC and RIL tours.

There is no charge for this tour; however, the NWC and RIL have policies that require registration ahead of time. General information on NWC tours can be found here. The deadline for foreign nationals to register has now passed, but U.S. citizens and U.S. permanent residents may still register.

Tour Signup:

To register for these tours, please follow the appropriate link for the tour you intend to join:

Tuesday Afternoon Tour

  • 1:00 Depart Conference Venue
  • 1:40 Bus Stop #1: National Weather Center
  • 1:45 NWC Tour
  • 2:30 OU Radar Innovations Lab (RIL) Tour
  • 3:20 Bus Depart the RIL
  • 3:30 Bus Stop #2: Campus Corner (Optional Time on Campus/Campus Corner)
  • 4:10 Bus Stop #3: First Arrival Back at Conference Venue
  • 5:15 Bus Stop #4: Pick Up Remaining Passengers at Campus Corner
  • 6:00 Bus Stop #5: Final Arrival Back at Conference Venue

Wednesday Morning Tour

  • 8:00 Depart Conference Venue
  • 8:40 Bus Stop #1: National Weather Center
  • 8:45 NWC Tour
  • 9:30 OU Radar Innovations Lab (RIL) Tour
  • 10:20 Bus Depart the RIL
  • 10:30 Bus Stop #2: Campus Corner (Optional Time on Campus/Campus Corner)
  • 11:10 Bus Stop #3: First Arrival Back at Conference Venue
  • 12:15 Bus Stop #4: Pick Up Remaining Passengers at Campus Corner
  • 1:00 Bus Stop #5: Final Arrival Back at Conference Venue

Other Oklahoma Desinations

OKC Districts

For additional information on the surrounding area, including various shopping, arts, dining, and nightlife districts, please see the Surrounding Area page.

Pioneer Woman:

Spouses and families may enjoy taking a day trip to visit the Pioneer Woman Mercantile bakery, deli, and general store in Ree Drummond's home town of Pawhuska, Oklahoma. It's a bit of a drive (approximately 2 1/4 hours each way), but Pioneer Woman fans tell us that the trip is worth it. Unfortunately, the conference will not be arranging a specific tour, but we do hear that some spouses are planning to go.