Radar Summer School

Welcome Radar Students and New Industry Professionals! Exciting opportunity! Please plan to come to an insightful 2-day Radar Summer School held 9am-5pm on April 21st -22nd, 2018, coordinated with IEEE RADARCONF18 in Oklahoma City. The Radar Summer School will be taught by noted Radar experts, many of whom will be attending the IEEE RADARCONF18 conference. It will cover a variety of fundamental topics central to the field of Radar and also provide a good warm up to the more advanced Radar Tutorials held during the regular RADARCONF18 week. Topics include short, basic material in areas such as antennas and arrays, bistatic and multistatic concepts, radar clutter and jamming, target tracking, detection and estimation, MIMO, waveform diversity, radar systems, MTI signal processing, STAP, and more. The summer school is a brief overview on a wide range of radar topics, which can be highly valuable for those starting a career in radar. As such, there are no prerequisites for attending the summer school. The summer school is organized in coordination with the IEEE Young Professionals event, which will be held after the summer school on Sunday April 22nd. Registration for the summer school will be handled through the online conference registration system (you may register for the summer school even if you do not register for the main conference). If you have any questions, please feel free to email Mike Picciolo or Alexander Charlish.

Please see this tentative PDF for specific details related to topics and speakers.

You must register for the summer school in order to attend. Please check the registration site for information on required fees (they are cheap!)